What We Do – Carpet Cleaning

Full Service Carpet Cleaning:

  1.  Standard Vacuuming: By vacuuming the carpet as the first step of carpet cleaning, we are able to remove all the dry dust and dirt from the carpet.  This is a very important first step.  As well as removing dry dust and dirt and other particles from the carpet, the standard vacuum step helps prepare the carpet for cleaning by lifting the carpet pile (fibers) up.  Readying them for the next phase of treatment.
  2. Spot treat: At this step we determine the best handling for each of your trouble spots. There are a variety of spot and stain treatments used depending on the nature of the stain.  Food spills, greasy spots, pet urine spots, etc.  Each area is treated so that the causes are dissolved and then rinsed out in the cleaning process.
  3. Pre spray: The next step in our procedure is to pre spray the carpet with a professionally formulated carpet cleaning detergent designed to dissolve dirt. The main focus of the pre spray are the heavily soiled areas and have traffic areas.  The pre spray is then brushed into the carpet using the power brush as needed. 
  4. Power Brush: Brushing the heavily soiled areas is done with a soft bristle nylon brush. The soft nylon power brush gently massages the detergent into the carpet and greatly assists the effectiveness of the cleaning processes.
  5. Rinse and extract: This step rinses and extracts all of the dissolved dirt and chemicals from your carpet.  A deep cleaning rinsing and neutralizing agent is used in the solution that neutralizes the chemicals used in the carpet cleaning process and provides a clean rinse.
  6. Stain Guard Protector: The final step is to apply stain protector to your carpet and gently brush it in with a grooming brush.  At this point the carpet cleaning process is complete.


Full Service Tile & Grout Cleaning 

  1. Sweep the floor:  The first step in tile & grout cleaning is making sure all of the loose dirt and particles are swept up or vacuumed up with a shop vac.
  2. Strip/Power Brush: Once the floor has been thoroughly swept off I can begin the process of dissolving and stripping off all of the greasy dirt and any old wax build up caused by unconventional cleaning.   I use an effective combination of grease and wax cutting and cleaning agents depending on the condition of your tile in conjunction with power brushing the title and grout lines with a heavy duty rotary floor machine.
  3. Acid Wash: For ceramic and porcelain tile grout lines a mild acid, safe for indoor use can be used as needed on any trouble areas
  4. Power Wash:  I use a rotary extractor that floats over the tile, gently pressure washing the dirt out of the grout lines, pits and grooves and off the surface of the tile leaving a clean rinse.
  5. Seal:  The final step is sealing the grout lines, slate, travertine or marble tiles

Tile Cleaning

Full Service Sofa Cleaning 

  1. Vacuuming: The first thing I do when cleaning a sofa or a recliner etc is hook up a crevice too to my vacuum and get deep in the crevices of the sofa where dirt becomes hidden and stored.  I also vacuum and brush off any loose dirt on the cushions
  2. Spot treat: After vacuuming I start treating spots and stains, and solving them based on the nature of the stain.
  3. Pre Spray:  I use an upholstery pre spray or a delicate fiber pre spray depending on the type of fabric that is designed to safely and effectively dissolve all of the dirt stuck to the fabric fibers.
  4. Rinse and Extract: I use a very effective cleaning solution that is safe on all fabrics that deep cleans the dirt and neutralizes the spot treatments and other cleaning detergents used int he process resulting in beautiful clean fabric.
  5. Stain Guard Protect:  The final step is to spray on the protector and protect your beautifully cleaned fabric agains stainingupholstery-cleaning-pinecrest 111


Area Rugs, Wool and Oriental Rugs

  1. Vacuum:  When cleaning an area rug the first step is to thoroughly vacuum.  Removing all of the loose dirt and particles
  2. Spot Treat:  Food stains, greasy spots, pet urine, are all treated and solved on this step allowing some dwell time for the chemicals to go to work while preparing the rug for deep cleaning.
  3. Pre Spray:  I use Fine Fabric Pre Spray for Wool and Oriental rugs.  This is an effective pre spray detergent with a Neutral PH that is safe to use on Wool and other Fine Fabrics which dissolves all of the dirt stuck to your textile fabric.
  4. Brush: Once the pre spray has been applied I gently power brush or hand brush your rugs with a soft nylon brush head that is safe to use on delicate fabrics
  5. Deep Clean Rinse and Extract: Once your rug has been thoroughly brushed out I do a deep cleaning rinse and extraction with he rotary extraction tool or the push wand depending on the type of fibers. The rotary extractor is particularly effective on deep shag rugs and is the very best way to clean them, providing miraculous results
  6. Stain Guard Protect:  After its been cleaned I apply the stain protector and brush it in with a grooming brush

Shag rug Area rug

Mattress Cleaning

  1. Vacuum:  I give the Mattress a thorough vacuum using an attachment that effectively pulls out dirt, dust and other fine particles from your mattress
  2. Spot treatment.  I treat all spots and stains
  3. Pre Spray:  I use a mild pre spray made for soft furnishings that safely and effectively dissolves any particles that have absorbed into your mattress
  4. Deep Clean Rinse and Extract:  Your mattress is then given a thorough deep cleaning using a hand held extraction system which rinses and extracts out all of the dissolved dirt